• 3D Short Courses from basic To Advance
            Advanced 3D Modeling
            Advance Texuring
            Rendering with mental Ray in Maya
            Shader and Mental Ray Materials
            Maya for Animation ( charachter & Dynamic)
            3D max for Aarchitecture ( interior & Exterior)
            3D Max lighting and Rendering with V-ray
            High Advanced classes For V-ray Rendering
            Project modeling and finalizing
            working with Photoshop and 3d model.
            Introduction To Adobe After effects CS5

3D lecture

Australian 3D Animator Artist

Postgrduate Master , Professional designer and former Academic city 3D guest lecture, 7 years of 3d industry expereince, talented and patience for Animation, Ready to share my skills to other Artists.

what`s new?

Maya 2012Maya is one of the most powerful 3-D modeling and animation applications on the market. It is used in the production of movies,

3d max Basic to advance 3d Max short Fast truck classes from basic to Advance level, for interiors and architecture
V- ray Master Classes Learn High Quality V-ray redering with Professionals in very short periode of time in UAE, Learn to become a Master of Rendering.